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Representative publications

The neuropeptide Y Y1 receptor mediates NPY-induced inhibition of the gonadotrope axis under poor metabolic conditions. Gonzales C, Voirol MJ, Giacomini M, Gaillard RC, Pedrazzini T, Pralong FP. The FASEB Journal 2004. 18:137-139.

GnRH-expressing neurons immortalized conditionally are activated by insulin: implication of the MAP kinase pathway. Salvi R, Castillo E, Voirol MJ, Glauser M,  Rey JP, Gaillard RC, Vollenweider P, Pralong FP Endocrinology 2006 147(2):816-26.

Metformin inhibits AMPK activation and prevents increases in NPY expression in cultured hypothalamic neurons. Chau Van C, Gamba M, Salvi R, Gaillard RC, Pralong FP Endocrinology 2007 148:507-11.

Insulin modulation of LH secretion in normal female volunteers and lean polycystic ovary syndrome patients. Moret M, Stettler R, Rodieux F, Gaillard RG, Waeber G, Wirthner D, Giusti V, Tappy L, Pralong FP Neuroendocrinology 2009 89:131-139.

Insulin and NPY Pathways and the Control of GnRH Function and Puberty Onset. Pralong FP. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2010 324:82-6.

Phenotypic and molecular characterization of proliferating and differentiated GnRH-expressing GnV-3 cells. Mansuy V,  Geller S,  Rey JP, Campagne C, Boccard J, Poulain P, Prevot V and Pralong FP. Mol Cell Endocrinol In press,