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Jardena Puder, M.D.
Service of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
Rue du Bugnon 46
CH-1011 Lausanne, Switzerland

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Jardena Puder

Jardena PUDER, M.D.

Privat-Docent & Senior Lecturer
Senior Physician, Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Service

Research interests :

  • Children and lifestyle, childhood obesity

  • Diabetes and lifestyle

  • Gestationnal diabetes

  • Stress

See complete CV Icone fichier (741Kb)

Dr Puder is a clinical researcher focusing on

  • prevention of childhood obesity lifestyle

  • psychological and physiological health in children and adult

  • stress

She previously spent 5 years in the United States at the Columbia University Medical Center and 6 years at the University of Basel conducting clinical research. She is particularly interested in interdisciplinary collaboration and in spanning the health outcomes of both psychological and physiological health. She has performed several obesity prevention studies in children and identified links between physical activity and cognitive functioning, quality of life, the sociocultural impact on health and the impact of stress.


Psychological and physiological health in children and prevention of childhood obesity
These projects in schoolchildren (KISS: Kinder- und Jugendsportstudie), preschoolers (Ballabeina) and children (Youp’là bouge) attending child care aim to  study intervention effects on obesity and other health outcomes as well as links between psychological (quality of life, stress, cognitive functioning) and physiological health (fitness, obesity). Further aims include examining the role of physical activity and the impact of sociocultural characteristics.

Diabetes and physical activity:
The project DIAfit aims to study the effects of a national physical activity program in patients with diabetes. Other aims are to investigate the link between well-being, obesity, and fitness.

Stress and  the neuroendocrine axis:
This project aims to investigate the impact of early life stress on the neuroendocrine axis as well as the impact of stress on obesity.

Gestational diabetes:
This project aims to study the role of stress, diet and physical activity in patients with gestational diabetes.

Group members

Jérôme BARRAL, Ph.D., sport scientist

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Antoine BONVIN, Ph.D. student

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Ayalah BORGHINI, psychologist

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Justine GROSS, dietician

Antje HORSCH, M.D.

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Pedro MARQUES-VIDAL, M.D., data analyst

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Caroline SPAIGHT, research nurse

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  • Swiss National Science Foundation: Childhood obesity, Stress, Physical activity

  • Promotion Health Switzerland: Childhood obesity, physical activity

  • Wyeth Grant Award, Takeda Research Award: Childhood obesity