PhD student position available

Publié par Dominique Sanglard le 02.02.2018
PhD student position available to study the fungal pathogen Candida albicans

A PhD student position is immediately available at the Institute of Microbiology (IMUL) of the University of Lausanne and University Hospital Center to investigate antifungal drug tolerance mechanisms in the fungal pathogen Candida albicans in animal models. C. albicans is known to develop resistance to all available antifungal agents, however much less is understood on the capacity of this pathogen to survive in the presence of these drugs (antifungal tolerance) (1). The project is funded by the Swiss Research National Foundation. The project will use several omics approaches to address antifungal tolerance in C. albicans and will include animal model of infections. The candidate should possess good skills in Microbiology and Molecular Biology. Experience in bioinformatics, mammalian cell cultures and animal models will be an advantage
but is not a prerequisite for the application. Applicants can send a CV, a letter of motivation and 3 letters of recommendation to:

Prof. Dominique Sanglard
Institute of Microbiology
University of Lausanne and University Hospital Center
Rue Bugnon 48
CH-1011 Lausanne (Switzerland)
Tel: +41 21 3144083
Internet site:



1. Delarze E, Sanglard D. 2015. Defining the frontiers between antifungal resistance, tolerance and the concept of persistence. Drug Resist Updat 23:12–19.

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