Spine unit

By participating in the spine section of the SFR network, we are allowing the development of measurement tools, currently under validation or study:

  1. Identification of different profiles management of the common chronic spinal disease: development and validation of a questionnaire (jointly with the Department of Rheumatology, Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital)
  2. Monitoring occupational information to the spinal risk for workers exposed to manipulation charges (recommendations HAS)
  3. Impact of physical kinesiophobia in a CLBP reconditioning.

In addition, together with the ETH Zurich, the University Hospital of Zurich and Lausanne STI, we participated in a 2005-2010 NRP 53 on the management of musculoskeletal pain (MST) related work with implementation of an intervention program on the workplace, together with large Swiss companies. Currently, we enjoy the experience of this study to establish a collaboration with the AI in this area.

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