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Amalio Telenti Lab

Amalio Telenti, MD-PhD, Full Professor
++41 (0)21 314 4097
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Research topics

Genetics of Human susceptibility to HIV infection

Humans are not equal in terms of susceptibility to infection to HIV, or in the rate of disease progression. Our laboratory studies the basic genetic mechanisms associated with cellular and with human susceptibility to HIV. Various projects are currently conducted:

1. Evolutionary Genomics of the host:

We study the signatures of positive selection in the human genome and in primates in general. This approach leads to the identification of genes that interact with pathogens. Analyses include the study of complete primate genomes, of human coding diversity, and the identification of genes that are differentially expressed during infection. The characterization of candidate genes include siRNA screening, overexpression stuves, analysis of genetic variation in genome-wide association studies, and through re-sequencing.

2. Evolutionary genomics of the viral-host interaction:

We study the interaction between viral structural constrains and positive selective pressures on the viral genome. This is achieved by the study of large numbers of complete viral genome sequences. Thereafter, we investigate the host factors that associate with the evolution of the genome. This is achieved by joint viral host genome analysis using both the viral genome information, and the genetic data from the corresponding host.

3. Restriction factors:

Our laboratory investigates the evolution of TRIM5alpha, APOBEC3 family, SAMHD1, and a number of novel anti-hiv factors. A significant component of the research aims at reconstructing the long-range evolution of these factors in primates. In one of the approaches, we build ancestral proteins to be tested against modern retrovirus, and (ancestral) endogenous lenti- and retroviruses.

4. Systems biology of the viral life cycle

We use deep sequencing and modeling approaches to advance the understanding of the transcriptional re-programming of the cell upon infection. This approach is now also used to understand the factors leading to viral latency.

These projects are supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation, the Santos Suarez Foundation, and by FP7 European program.


Pharmacogenetics of antiretroviral agents

There is considerable variation in the response to antiretroviral drugs among individuals. This concerns both the interindividual differences in pharmacokinetics, and in toxicity. Various approaches are currently used:

1. Analysis of genetic variation in ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion) genes.  

2. Analysis of genetic variation in genes involved in lipid metabolism, cardiovascular disease, bone disease and diabetes to investigate the basis of metabolic disorders associated with aging in HIV infected patients

3. Translational research to move validated markers to the clinics.

These projects are performed with support of the Swiss National Science Foundation, and in the setting of the Swiss HIV Cohort Study, which includes more than 9000 individuals who have provided consent for genetic analysis.


Current lab members   
Name Position Contact
Paul McLaren PhD, coordinator bioinformatics
Margalida Rotger Pharm, PhD, Post-doc
Antonio Rausell PhD, Post-doc
Simon Quenneville PhD, Post-doc
Feraz Ahsan PhD, Postdoc
Anen Delgado Project manager
Istvan Bartha PhD student
Nitisha Pyndiah PhD student
Christian Thorball PhD student
Catalina Barcelo PhD student
Raquel Martinez Technician
Miguel Munoz Technician

Visiting scientist
Name Position Contact
Séverine Vuilleumier            PhD, research associate              


Recent book chapters

Host Genes Important to HIV Replication  and Evolution

HIV and Antiretroviral Therapy

Genetic Associations with Resistance to HIV-1 Infection Viral Control and Protection Against Disease

Antimicrobial Agents

Amalio Telenti and Welkin E. Johnson

Amalio Telenti

Jacques Fellay and Amalio Telenti

Chantal Csajka, Oscar Marchetti, Oriol Manuel, Laurent Decosterd, and Amalio Telenti



Selected publications


1: Ciuffi A, Telenti A
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6: Rahm N, Gfeller D, Snoeck J, Martinez R, McLaren PJ, Ortiz M, Ciuffi A, Telenti A.
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