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Welcome to the University Institute for History of Medicine and Public Health in Lausanne.

The Institute belongs to the Department of Community Medicine and Health, Lausanne University Hospital (DUMSC / CHUV). In terms of academic teaching it is part of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of the University of Lausanne.

Founded in 1989, the Institute was headed by Mr. Guy Saudan until 1993 and subsequently by Prof. Jean-Jacques Dreifuss. Since 1995, Vincent Barras, ordinary Professor at the University of Lausanne, has served as the Institute’s director.

The Institute’s mission consists in conducting research and teaching in the social, cultural, conceptual history of medicine and biological sciences, as well as in social studies and cultural mediation of medicine and science.

The Institute’s research themes are the relationship between medicine and society, between physician and patient and the development of ideas and concepts in medicine. Particularly strong research areas are ancient medicine, medicine of the modern period and the Enlightenment, the history of psychiatry and neurosciences, the history of hospital systems, of social insurance, professional groups involved in medical treatment, as well as the legal and ethical framework of medicine.

Teaching is aimed at different categories, on the undergraduate level (regular courses for students in the faculty of medicine, occasional teaching for students in other faculties or professional schools), graduate level (individual programs for PhD students in medicine, human sciences, occasional specialized programs) and for continuing education.

Library and archive
The Institute does not only organize courses, conferences and exhibitions and publishes scholarly works. It also offers scholars and the public a library and an archive specialized in the history of medicine and more generally in the human sciences in medicine, in ethics and in philosophy of medicine. It also possesses audiovisual archives and documents as well as collections of instruments and technical devices.

In addition, twice a year, the Institute publishes a newsletter with information about its activities, seminaries and conferences.

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