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Centre de neurosciences psychiatriques

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Mrs Viveka Sari

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"La psychiatrie du futur prend forme à Cery"
La psychiatrie du futur prend forme à Cery Icone fichier (647Kb)

24 heures, 15.12.2014

Center for Psychiatric Neurosciences (CPN)
Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV)
Lausanne University (UNIL)

Prof. Kim Q. Do

L'équipe du Centre de neurosciences psychiatriques, Prilly, Lausanne / Center for Psychiatric Neurosciences Team, Prilly, Lausanne





Interview with Prof. Kim Q. DO, recorded at ECNP Congress 2016, Vienna

New development in translational research in schizophrenia: towards therapy and prevention beyond dopamine antagonism.

Interview with Prof. Kim Q. DO, recorded at ECNP Congress 2016, Vienna


Dr Philipp Baumann, boursier de relève clinique 2016 de la Fondation Leenaards

Boursiers de relève clinique 2016 de la Fondation Leenaards
Le Dr Philipp Baumann, clinicien-chercheur au Service de psychiatrie générale
et au Centre de neurosciences psychiatriques du CHUV a reçu une bourse de relève clinique de la Fondation Leenaards. Icone fichier (1Mb)


Le Dr Alameda récompensé par la Commission des prix UNIL-CHUV 2016

Commission des prix UNIL-CHUV 2016
Le Dr Alameda récompensé par la Commission
des prix UNIL-CHUV 2016 Icone fichier (411Kb)


10th FENS Forum of Neuroscience

Travel Grant

Dr Alexandru Christian Ciobanu, researcher at the Unit for research in neurobiology of anxiety and fear, received a Travel Grant from the Physiological society to take part on July 2-6, 2016 in the 10th Forum of Neurosciences (FENS) of Copenhagen.

Faculty Award

On a proposal from the Faculty of Biology and Medicine Madame Aline Monin, PhD in neuroscience, was awarded a Faculty Award from the Direction of the University of Lausanne for his thesis entitled "Redox dysregulation in schizophrenia: implications for oligodendrocyte maturation and structural connectivity", published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry.


Young Investigator Award 2015

Dr Jan-Harry Cabungcal, senior researcher at the Unit for Research in Schizophrenia, has won the Young Investigator Award 2015 of the Swiss Society of Biological Psychiatry (SSBP).

  Dr Jan-Harry Cabungcal


Two innovative projects have been awarded the InnoTREK grant

Robert Lütjens, founder of the BioLemantis project, have been awarded one InnoTREK grant for the proof of concept for a new biosensor technology to diagnose autism spectrum disorders he developped during his period in the laboratory of Professor Ron Stoop, Centre for Psychiatric Neurosciences.

Swiss Society of Biological Psychiatry :35th Annual Meeting

SSBP 35th annual meeting

"Novel Treatment Strategies in Psychiatry: Neurobiology and Clinical Significance"
28th August 2015  -  Campus Biotech Geneva Icone fichier (467Kb)



The Center for Psychiatric Neuroscience belongs to the Department of Psychiatry, and is located within the Psychiatric Hospital Complex of Cery in Prilly (Lausanne).

Research activities at the CPN are focused on several psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, mood disorders, drug addiction, anxiety and Alzheimer's disease. They are aimed at basic neurobiological, neurochemical or cognitive processes with a view to developing early diagnosis as well as pharmacological and behavioral therapies. Furthermore, they are based on a translational approach, which promotes the analysis of neurobiological mechanisms and their vulnerability to the environment in the development of psychiatric disorders. Research activities are also focused on the genetically-based interindividual variability in the response to pharmacological treatments, with the aim to offer an individualized drug treatment.



The CNP also offers teachings and some other activities such as :