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Dr Déla Golshayan
Centre de transplantation d’organes & Transplantation Immunopathology Laboratory
Rue du Bugnon 46
1011 Lausanne, Suisse

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Laboratoire d'immunopathologie de transplantation

Sélection de publications


1: Muller Y.D., Golshayan D., Ehirchiou D., Wyss J.C., Giovannoni L., Meier R., Serre-Beinier V., Puga Yung G., Morel P., Bühler L.H. and Seebach J.D.
    Immunosuppressive effects of streptozotocin-induced diabetes result in absolute lymphopenia and a relative increase of T regulatory cells.
Diabetes 2011, 60:2331-2340.
2: Muller Y.D., Seebach J.D., Bühler L.H., Pascual M. and Golshayan D.
    Transplantation tolerance: Clinical potential of regulatory T cells.
Self Nonself 2011, 2:26-34.


1: Golshayan D., Wyss J.C., Buckland M., Hernandez-Fuentes M. and Lechler RI.
    Differential role of naïve and memory CD4 T-cell subsets in primary alloresponses.
Am. J. Transplant. 2010, 10:1749-1759.
2: Pilat N., Baranyi U., Klaus C., Jaeckel E., Mpofu N., Wrba F., Golshayan D., Muehlbacher F. and Wekerle T.
    Treg-therapy allows mixed chimerism and transplantation tolerance without cytoreductive conditioning.
Am. J. Transplant. 2010, 10:751-762.


1: Golshayan D., Wyss J.C., Abulker C.W., Schaefer S.C., Lechler R.I., Lehr H.A. and Pascual M.
    Transplantation tolerance induced by regulatory T cells: in vivo mechanisms and sites of action.
Int. Immunopharmacol. 2009, 9:683-688.


1: Golshayan D., Buhler L., Lechler R.I. and Pascual M.
    From current immunosuppressive strategies to clinical tolerance of allografts.
Transpl. Int. 2007, 20:12-24.
2: Golshayan D., Jiang S., Tsang J., Garin M.I., Mottet C. and Lechler R.I.
    In vitro-expanded donor alloantigen-specific CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells promote experimental transplantation tolerance.
Blood 2007, 109:827-835.