COVID-19 vaccination and medically assisted reproduction

As far as possible, we recommend that women who are planning to start a medically assisted reproduction (MAR) procedure are vaccinated prior to insemination or embryo transfer.

In practical terms, we advise waiting two weeks after the second dose of vaccine before scheduling an appointment for insemination or embryo transfer.

If you are pregnant, the Federal Vaccination Commission, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and the Swiss Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics recommend vaccination for all pregnant women from the 12th week of pregnancy, and for breastfeeding mothers. 

You no longer need to see your doctor or ask for a prescription. Ideally, you would be vaccinated during the second or third trimester, since the first trimester is the most sensitive period for organ development in the embryo. However, vaccination during the first trimester is still possible, as is done in other countries.

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Does COVID-19 vaccination affect fertility?

There is no scientific evidence that COVID-19 vaccination has an effect on fertility in either men or women.

There are similarities between the mRNA that transport the structure of the coronavirus spike protein and that of a protein needed to form the placenta (syncytin-1). As a result, some groups of people have speculated on the possibility that the immune response to the spike protein could also affect syncytin-1 and therefore, fertility. Based on current knowledge, however, the similarity of structure is not significant, since it is limited to a short segment of the mRNA sequence.

Moreover, no adverse effect on fertility has been reported during the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic among women who have contracted COVID-19.
Observational studies have shown that COVID-19 vaccination has no effect on the quality of sperm, follicle maturation or embryo implantation.

(Source OFSP)

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