Intra-uterine insemination with donor sperm

If there is a problem with the partner's sperm

We are one of only two centres in French-speaking Switzerland to undertake medically assisted reproduction with sperm from a donor. This intervention is indicated if the infertility problem is linked to the partner's sperm quality

In Switzerland, only married couples can benefit from this intervention.

The donor

We assign the donor in such a way that he corresponds as closely as possible to the partner's physical characteristics (height, hair, eye and skin colour, and blood group).

We pay particular attention to the analysis of blood and sperm samples to exclude the presence of sexually transmissible germs, hereditary diseases and certain genetic mutations (mucoviscidosis, cytomegalovirus, AIDS, hepatitis B or C, herpes, syphilis, or the presence of pathogenic germs).

Sperm donation

Did you know?

At CHUV, artificial inseminations, semen analysis (analysis of sperm) and use of the sperm bank are techniques that have been available to our patients since 1981.


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