Primarily devoted to research in Multiple Sclerosis (MS), our Laboratory studies the interaction between the immune response - with a focus on CD8+ T cells - and environmental factors. Recently, we have established a program of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). Thanks to this tool, several new opportunities open to us, as we are now able to observe central nervous system (CNS) cells of MS patients, which so far were out of reach. We have now the possibility to put auto-reactive peripheral immune cells in contact with autologous CNS cells and be in a position to determine if, indeed, there is recognition of autoantigens in the brain.

The Lab team is also actively involved in the monitoring of the long-term effects of DMTs used in MS on immune responses. Especially, we are trying to understand the interaction between these treatments and the biology of JC virus, the agent of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) to better handle the risk of developing PML.

Finally, together with clinicians, the Laboratory holds a research program dealing with the neurocognitive disorders in HIV+ patients.

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Project Collaborator

Amandine MATHIAS, Ph.D.

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Speech therapy, MSc; Psychology, BSc

Isaure Nadin

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Past project's Collaborators

Mélanie METRAL (to June 2017)Maud BAGNOUD (to January 2017)
Coline GAUBICHER (to August 2016)
Nils JONKMANS (to July 2016)
Guillaume PERRIARD (to September 2015)
Valeriy PARFENOV (to October 2012)
Samantha JILEK TERRASSE (to March 2012)
Caroline ANTONIOL (to December 2011)
Malela KALUBI (to December 2011)
Joanna LE BOUDEZ (to December 2011)
Sonia NEGRO (to February 2011)
Emilie JAQUIERY (to February 2010)
Andreas LYSANDROPOULOS (to September 2009)
Laurence GUIGNARD (to July 2008)


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