Serology Laboratory

The serology laboratory of IMU performs serology testing for important pathogens, except for HIV and hepatitis viruses which are performed in the laboratory of the Immunology and Allergology Service.

The analysis portfolio includes indirect diagnostic tests aimed at detecting antibodies against important pathogens in the following areas:

  • Congenital infections (TORCH group; Toxoplasma gondii, rubella virus, CMV and HSV);
  • Infections in immunocompromised patients (viruses of the herpesviridae family);
  • Various pathogens for which indirect diagnosis (serology) is important, including for CNS involvement (Treponema pallidum : syphilis, Borrelia burgdorferi : Lyme disease);
  • Some intracellular pathogens (Brucella, Coxiella burnetti).

The laboratory has a peculiar expertise in the serodiagnosis of toxoplasmosis with a range of screening and confirmation tests for this infection, including congenital toxoplasmosis, and is indeed reference center for the national quality control program (CSCQ) for toxoplasmosis.

The laboratory is involved in research and development either alone or in collaboration with local investigators for the development of new diagnostic methods aimed at diagnosing other infections (e.g. HHV-8) and with national investigators (Swiss Transplant Cohort Study and working group for the diagnosis of Lyme disease and neuroborreliosis), and in teaching.

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