S. Kunz Lab

Research topics

Human pathogenic emerging viruses

In our increasingly globalized world, climatic changes, human migration, urbanization, and exposure to new animal species contribute to the continuous emergence of novel viruses that represent serious threats to human health. Over the past decades several arenaviruses and hantaviruses have emerged as causative agents of severe viral hemorrhagic fevers that belong to the most devastating human diseases. There is no licensed vaccine available and therapeutic options are restricted, resulting in high mortality in hospitalized patients. Our laboratory investigates fundamental mechanisms of virus-host cell interaction of human pathogenic arenaviruses to dissect crucial mechanisms underlying transmission, dissemination, and pathogenesis (Basic Research Arenaviruses). Our research in basic virology is complemented by translational research to develop novel strategies to combat pathogenic emerging viruses (Applied Research). In collaboration with Spiez Laboratory, a Swiss national center for highly pathogenic viruses, we perform basic and applied research on hantaviruses (Hantaviruses).

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