HIV outpatient clinic

Selected publications

Fayet Mello A., Buclin T., Franc C., Colombo S., Cruchon S., Guignard N., Biollaz J., Telenti A., Decosterd L.A., Cavassini M.,Cell disposition of raltegravir and newer antiretrovirals in HIV-infected patients: high inter-individual variability in raltegravir cellular penetration. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 2011, 66: 1573-1581.

Kaufmann A., Kenfak-Foguena A., André C., Canellini G., Bürgisser P., Moradpour D., Darling K.E., Cavassini M.,Hepatitis E Virus Seroprevalence among Blood Donors in Southwest Switzerland. Plos One 2011, 6: e21150.

Kenfak-Foguena A., Schoeni-Affolter F., Buergisser P., Witteck A., Darling K.E.A., Kovari H., Kaiser La., Evison J.-M., Elzi L., La Fuente V.G.-De, Jost J., Moradpour D., Abravanel F., Izopet J., Cavassini M., Hepatitis E Virus Seroprevalence and Chronic Infections in Patients with HIV, Switzerland. Emerging Infectious Diseases 2011, 17: 1074-1078.

Manuel O, Pascual M, Hoschler K, Giulieri S, Alves D, Ellefsen K, Bart PA, Venetz JP, Calandra T, Cavassini M., Humoral response to the influence A H1N1/09 monovalent AS03-adjuvanted vaccine in immunocompromised patients. Clin Infect Dis 2011, 52: 248-56.

Simioni S., Cavassini M., Annoni J.M., Rimbault Abraham A., Bourquin I., Schiffer V., Calmy A., Chave J.P., Giacobini E., Hirschel B., Du Pasquier R.A., Cognitive dysfunction in HIV patients despite long-standing suppression of viremia. AIDS 2010, 24: 1243-50.

Osih R.B., Taffé P., Rickenbach M., Gayet-Ageron A., Elzi L., Fux C., Opravil M., Bernasconi E., Schmid P., Günthard H.F., Cavassini M.,Swiss HIV Cohort Study, Outcomes of patients on dual-boosted PI regimens: experience of the Swiss HIV cohort study.Aids Research and Human Retroviruses 2010, 26: 1239-1246.

Metzner K.J., Giulieri S.G., Knoepfel S.A., Rauch P., Burgisser P., Yerly S., Günthard H.F., Cavassini M., Minority quasispecies of drug-resistant HIV-1 that lead to early therapy failure in treatment-naive and -adherent patients.Clinical Infect Dis 2009, 48: 239-47.

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