Selected publications

Wójtowicz A, Lecompte TD, Bibert S, Manuel O, Rüeger S, Berger C, Boggian K, Cusini A, Garzoni C, Hirsch H, Khanna N, Mueller NJ, Meylan PR, Pascual M, van Delden C, Bochud PY, and the Swiss Transplant Cohort Study. PTX3 Polymorphisms and Invasive Mold Infections After Solid Organ Transplant. Clin Infect Dis 2015, 61:619-22.

Terczyńska-Dyla E*, Bibert S*, Duong FH*, Krol I, Jørgensen S, Collinet E, Kutalik Z, Aubert V, Cerny A, Kaiser L, Malinverni R, Mangia A, Moradpour D, Müllhaupt B, Negro F, Santoro R, Semela D, Semmo N; Swiss Hepatitis C Cohort Study Group, Heim MH†, Bochud PY†, Hartmann R†.Reduced IFNλ4 activity is associated with improved HCV clearance and reduced expression of interferon-stimulated genes. Nat Commun 2014, 5:5699.

Bibert S, Roger T, Calandra T, Bochud M, Cerny A, Semmo N, Duong FHT, Gerlach T, Malinverni R, Moradpour D, Negro F, Müllhaupt B, Bochud PY, and the Swiss Hepatits C Cohort Study. IL28B expression depends on a novel TT/-G polymorphism which improves HCV clearance prediction. J Exp Med 2013, 210:1109-16.

Rauch A., Kutalik Z., Descombes P., Cai T., Di Lulio J., Mueller T., Bochud M., Battegay M., Bernasconi E., Borovicka J., Colombo S., Cerny A., Dufour J.F., Furrer H., Günthard H.F., Heim M., Hirschel B., Malinverni R., Moradpour D., Müllhaupt B., Witteck A., Beckmann J.S., Berg T., Bergmann S., Negro F., Telenti A., Bochud P.-Y.; Swiss Hepatitis C and HIV Cohort Studies Genetic variation in IL28B Is Associated with Chronic Hepatitis C and Treatment Failure - A Genomewide Association Study.Gastroenterology. 2010, 138:1338-45.

Bochud P.-Y., Chien J.W., Marr K.A., Leisenring W.M., Upton A., Janer M., Rodrigues S.D., Li S., Hansen J.A., Zhao L.P., Aderem A., Boeckh M., Toll-like receptor 4 polymorphisms and aspergillosis in stem-cell transplantation. N Engl J Med2008;359:1766-77.

Bochud P.-Y., Bochud M., Telenti A., Calandra T., Innate immunogenetics: a tool for exploring new frontiers of host defence. Lancet Infect Dis2007; 7:531-42.

*,† : equal contribution

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