Highlight project : Cognitive neurorehabilitation in MS (IICT)

Cognitive neurorehabilitation in multiple sclerosis (MS) remains limited and represents one of our lab’s primary missions and interests. Following a pilot randomized controlled trial (RCT), Investigator Initiated Clinical Trial (IICT) grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation is currently underway together with partners at the Inselspital Bern, the Valens Clinics and the AISM Rehabilitation Centre in Genova, Italy to study the potential benefits of serious video games, and in particular of cognitive exergames combining physical and cognitive exercise. Of note, the involvement of patients and the public play an important role in this project. The outcomes of this study will promote the awareness and availability of cognitive neurorehabilitation in people living with MS.

Experts & collaborators


Dr Etienne Sallard

Dr Petr Grivaz

Pauline Menoud


Internal collaborators

Prof. Renaud Du Pasquier, Neurology Service, CHUV

Prof. Caroline Pot, Neurology Service, CHUV

Dr. Marie Theaudin, Neurology Service, CHUV


External collaborators

Dr. Jens Bansi, Valens Clinics

Prof. Marco Bove, University of Genova, Italy

Prof. Giampaolo Brichetto, AISM Rehabilitation Centre Genova, Italy

Prof. Iris-Katharina Penner, Inselspital Bern


Swiss National Science Foundation

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