Cellular and Molecular Neurotherapy Laboratory

Using your genes to treat you

The Cellular and Molecular Neurotherapy Laboratory promotes communication between researchers and physicians who are working together to develop a new form of gene therapy to treat Huntington's disease, a rare and incurable illness.

The CHUV Department of Clinical Neuroscience set up the Lab to develop new therapies to treat diseases that affect brain function. The Cellular and Molecular Neurotherapy Lab was opened in 2011 by Nicole Déglon, an associate professor from the University of Lausanne. Prof. Déglon is a biologist and genetic transfer specialist who has already achieved promising results in treating and establishing a pattern for neurodegenerative conditions, particularly Huntington's and Alzheimer's disease.

The lab has many objectives, for example:

  • To simulate the diseases being studied
  • To understand the molecular mechanisms that lead to the destruction of neurons in certain areas of the brain
  • To develop new forms of treatment, firstly for preclinical trials and, if successful, full clinical trials on human beings, in collaboration with the department's doctors and surgeons.
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