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4ème MedLem Meeting

Published by Pellegrin Maxime on 07.11.2019
L'université de Genève et la Faculté de biologie de médecine de Lausanne vous invite au 4ème MedLem Meeting. Cette année, le thème est: "Discover the vitality of Research at Geneva & Lausanne Universities".

Dear Colleagues,

Following the success of the 3rd MedLem Meeting, the Faculties of Biology and Medicine of Lausanne and Geneva Universities are very pleased to present the 4th MedLem Meeting that will be held at the CHUV on Thursday November 7th, 2019.

All the research fields investigated in our faculties will be covered, making the MedLem meeting a fantastic opportunity to discover the breadth of research around Lake Geneva.

The following renowned speakers will be present:

  • Prof. Emmanouil Dermitzakis (Department of Genetic Medicine and Development, University of Geneva)
  • Prof. Silke Grabherr (University Center of Legal Medicine, Lausanne University Hospital)
  • Prof. Bernard Thorens (Center for Integrative Genomics, University of Lausanne)

Registration, lunch & coffee breaks are free of charge.

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