Laboratory for the exploration of memory in Neuroscience

The Laboratory for the exploration of memory in Neuroscience (LEMENS), directed by Prof. Jean-Francois Demonet, represents the translational research facet of the Leenaards Memory Centre. The center is devoted to the diagnosis and care of patients and their families facing "Ageing-Brain Cognitive Diseases" including Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia such as fronto-temporal dementia, diffuse Lewy body disease, and vascular dementia.

LEMENS focuses on research of early and specific new disease markers. Our aim and our hope is that the term dementia will one day be less in use, and that the diseases responsible for irreversible cognitive deficits will be diagnosed and treated at much earlier stages. New biomarkers will be based on the combination of many sources of clinically-relevant information such as cognitive assessment (memory and other tests), brain imaging (MRI, PET scan, and EEG) and biological data (blood, CSF, and other biological samples).


Based on the databank built upon the multi-disciplinary assessment of patients at the Leenaards Memory Centre, LEMENS develops research programs funded by either academic grants or industrial sponsors. These programs involve the development of new diagnostic tools. These research lines strongly benefit from close connections between LEMENS and other partners either on site (especially the Neuroimaging Research Laboratory) and abroad. Our research also benefits from a research-dedicated 3T MRI scanner located on site.

LEMENS also participates in developing disease prevention (interventional strategy of cognitive and motor remediation in patients with the mildest disorders) and innovative treatments including industrial drug trials.

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