Service of immuno-oncology

About us

The Service of immuno-oncology offers early phase clinical trials for the treatment of cancer by immunotherapy.

Our mission

Eliciting a new state of anti-tumour immune balance

Our aim is to offer the possibility of access to innovative therapies to patients whose disease has not responded to standard treatments. This is done in the context of participation in one of our immuno-oncology clinical trials.

Patient care

The service aims to conduct a wide range of clinical trials centred on the development of innovative therapies that exploit the immune system. The service offers:

  • locally designed trials, based on preclinical results from the CHUV, the University of Lausanne and the Lausanne branch of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research.
  • trials sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry to assess the safety and toxicity of new immuno-oncological substances.

Targeting all stages of the cancer-immunity cycle

On the basis of an evolving programme of adoptive cell immunotherapy, based on tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes and lymphocytes genetically modified to confer a new specificity ("TCR"), we seek to offer patients participation in studies that rationally target all stages of the cancer-immunity cycle, by promoting immunogenicity, tumour antigen presentation, T cell reactivation and potentiation, by facilitating their penetration into the tumour environment, and by stimulating their functionality.

These treatments are drawn from a broad spectrum of therapeutic classes in development, including inhibitory or agonist monoclonal antibodies, bispecific molecules, immunocytokines, agonists of the innate immune system, oncolytic viruses or advanced biological therapies of bacterial origin. The ultimate goal is to elicit a new, sustainable and effective anti-tumour immune balance state.

Service of immuno-oncology

George Coukos

Pr George Coukos

Head of Service of immuno-oncology
Head of Department of oncology UNIL CHUV
Director, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Lausanne branch
+41 21 314 13 57

Curriculum Vitae

Specialists in oncology, hematology, internal medicine and Phase I clinical trials make up the medical and nursing staff corps of the Service of immuno-oncology.

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Dre Blanca Navarro Rodrigo & Dr Petr Szturz
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