Jean Louis Raisaro

Head of the Clinical Data Science Group at the CHUV Biomedical Data Science Center


Dr. Jean Louis Raisaro holds a PhD in Computer and Communication Sciences from EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland, a MSc in Biomedical Informatics and a BSc in Bioengineering from University of Pavia, Italy.

His work and research focus on the development of technologies to enable safe and privacy-preserving artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) in the context of organizational, and health information architectures.

He has made specific contributions in a number of areas, including distributed data processing methods for privacy-preserving medical data exploration and predictive modeling, secure management of biomedical data in untrusted cloud environments through secure computing techniques, patient-centered data sharing tools, algorithms to generate and evaluate anonymized and synthetic patient information for secondary research purposes, semantic data representation and interoperability, and AI-based predictive solutions for improving hospital processes and clinical decision making.

His work on privacy-preserving federated analytics and semantic data interoperability has been implemented by the Swiss Personalized Health Network and has been published by top-ranked biomedical informatics journals such as the Journal of Medical Internet Research, the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association, and multidisciplinary scientific journals such as Nature Communications and Nature Computational Science.

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