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MDACC_CHUV Symposium

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MDACC_CHUV Syymposium with participation of MDACC HPB Alumni

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


As the IHPBA Congress 2018 is in Geneva this year, Professor Vauthey, chief of HPB surgery and invited Professor at the University of Lausanne, had the idea to organize a common HPB Symposium between MD Anderson and CHUV Lausanne just before this IHPBA Congress.

We decided to perform this Symposium inside the original auditorium used by César Roux, first professor of surgery at the University of Lausanne who described the famous Roux-en-Y reconstruction. This auditorium is named after his successor, Auditorium Pierre Decker.

The program for this meeting will be a great mix between American – Swiss and other international speakers, and we are certain that the exchanges and friendship will be very fruitful and of high level.

The HPB Staff of MD Anderson, Houston, Texas, USA and the Service de Chirurgie Viscérale, CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland, both welcome you to this very original combined symposium. Enjoy the day, and we look forward to a great meeting.


Sincerely yours,


Professor Nicolas Demartines

Professor Jean-Nicolas Vauthey

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