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Using modelling tools to assess chemical risk exposure

Publié par Kujawa Laurie le 09.11.2020
Through role-playing and exercises encouraging the practice of different tools, this practice-oriented training will help companies in their efforts to comply with REACH directives and assess chemical risks.

Using modelling tools to assess chemical risk exposure: challenges and opportunities

Language: The training is given in English.

2-day training - November 9 & 10 2020
Unisanté, Département de Santé au Travail et Environnement

> Day 1: Using exposure models and scenarios to assess occupational exposure to chemicals: reliable or haming?

November 9th 2020
- Understanding REACH requirements for exposure assessment
- Getting familiar with the different tools for estimating exposure to chemicals
- Understanding how models work and their limitations
- Building and coding an exposure scenario in the different REACH modelling tools

> Day 2: Using models to assess occupational exposure to chemicals: choosing the right tool and interpreting the results

November 10th 2020
- Knowing how to choose the right model according to the exposure situation
- Being able to evaluate the relevance of different models and the reliability of the generated results
- Learning how to pre-set an exposure situation with a model
- Using the TREXMO tool (meta-analysis)

Target audience
The training is intended for all persons involved in REACH compliance: company managers, site managers, HSE managers, regulatory affairs managers, production managers, technical managers, R&D managers, toxicologists, occupational hygienists, safety managers, occupational physicians and any member of staff of the occupational health and safety services.

Participants should master the principles of chemical risk assessment, know metrological data and their use in a regulatory context, as well as the regulatory thresholds. It is recommended to attend the first day before following the second day.

Vincent Perret, Toxicologists, occupational hygienist, CEO ToxPro
Jean-Michel Poffet, Occupational hygienist, Manager Service prévention et santé, EPFL
Dr. Nenad Savic, Researcher, Unisanté
Prof. David Vernez, Professor in occupational hygiene, Unisanté
Gautier Vincent, CEO Sicadae-regulatory council

8 credits by the Swiss Society of Occupational Medicine
8 credits by the Swiss Society of Occupational Hygiene

1,800 Swiss francs (excl. VAT) for the two-day-training. Documentation, meals and coffee breaks are included in the registration fee. It is possible to register for one day only; the fee for one day is CHF 900.00 excluding VAT.

For any further information, please contact:
Unisanté, Département Santé au Travail et Environnement
Laurie Kujawa : Tel. +41 21 314 7471  - Email : laurie.kujawa@unisante.ch

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