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Research topics

Molecular mechanisms of malignant leukocyte interactions with their microenvironment

The research activity of our laboratory is focused on the study of the molecular mechanisms that regulate malignant leukocyte interactions with their microenvironment. We identified selectin ligands expressed by acute myeloid and lymphoblastic leukemia cells and characterized the role of PSGL-1, CD43 and CD44 in supporting myeloblast and lymphoblast interactions with selectins.

Presently, our aims are:

  1. To identify selectin ligands that mediate leukemia cell interactions with their microenvironment.
  2. To identify the molecular mechanisms, which control macrophage orientation and their impact on a) blast cell survival and proliferation and b) the resistance of leukemia cells to chemotherapy or targeted therapies.
  3. To examine the benefit of macrophage reprogramming on acute leukemia cell survival and proliferation.
  4. To study intracellular signals that are generated by selectin ligand engagement and their impact on blast survival and drug resistance.

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