Projet de recherche non interventionnel

Non-interventional Research Project

Swiss Immune Setpoint Study

Design: Observational
Status: Study in progress
Length of the study per participant: 1 clinic visit
Estimated study completion date: December 2021

The Immune Setpoint study is an observational study of 600 healthy volunteers, stratified by age and gender including a subset of individuals who will receive the yellow fever vaccination (YFV).  The study is conducted at the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Centre (VIC) CHUV, Lausanne and the University of Zurich Travel clinic.

The study objectives are:

  • To investigate a large number of phenotypic and functional parameters (about 200) of innate and adaptive immunity
  • To identify the Immune Setpoint in healthy individuals through:
    • Validated and highly specific immunological markers defining phenotypic and functional distinct cell populations with assays of high-level reproducibility suitable for clinical monitoring
    • Immunological markers shared by different cell types
    • Exploratory markers
  • To evaluate the impact of vaccination (notably YF and influenza vaccination) on the immune system
  • To determine the relationship between the microbiome and the Immune Setpoint


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