Lab Meetings 2020

Meetings every Wednesday from 12:15 to 13:15

Room B305
CLE - Epalinges

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! Lab meetings are cancelled until further notice !

For questions or comments concerning the schedule, please contact Denis Comte and Davide Mercuri.


1Christmas break
8Stéphanie DROZ-GEORGET will give a progress report entitled:

“Searching for immune defect diagnoses from next generation sequencing (NGS) to the research lab”

15Benjamin PETER will give a progress report entitled:
 "Role of oxysterols on gut immunology during EAE and pathogen-induced colitis"
22Erica LANA will give a journal cub entitled:
 "TCR sequencing paired with massively parallel 3' RNA-seq reveals clonotypic T cell signatures" 
29Peer-review meeting - PhD students will present the following articles:
 Olivia MUNOZ
 "MHC class II proteins mediate cross-species entry of bat influenza viruses"
 Victor JOO
 ⇒  “PD-L1: “CD80 Cis-Heterodimer Triggers the Co-stimulatory Receptor CD28 While Repressing the Inhibitory OD-1 and CTLA-4 Pathways”
 Morgane HUMBEL
 ⇒  “The CD38/NAD/SIRTUNIN1/EZH2 Axis Mitigates Cytotoxic CD8 T Cell Function and Identifies Patients with SLE Prone to Infections”
 ⇒  “JC Polyomavirus Uses Extracellular Vesicles To Infect Target Cells"
 Patricia JACQUIER
 ⇒  "Vaccine-Induced Antibodies Mediate Gigher Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity After Interleukin-15 Pretreatment of Natural Killer Effector Cells" 
 Florian RUIZ
 ⇒  "Human CCR5 high effector memory cells perform CNS parenchymal immune surveillance via GZMK-mediated transendothelial diapedesis"
 Benjamin PETERS
 ⇒  "Dietray tryptophan links encephalogenicity of autoreactive T Cells with gut microbial ecology" 



5Lab Meeting cancelled
12Jeroen GEURTS will give a presentationn entitled:

"Osteoimmunology in subchondral bone: a key player in osteoarthritis?"

19Madeleine SUFFIOTTI will give a progress report entitled:

“A Novel Computational Approach for Discovering Disease-Associated Rare Cell Populations in Mass Cytometry Data”

26Francesco PROCOPIOwill give a progress report entitled:

"Highly multiplexed simultaneous detection of RNAs and proteins of HIV at single cells level by Rolling Circle PCR"



1! Cancelled ! 
8! Cancelled ! 
15! Cancelled ! 
22! Cancelled ! 
29! Cancelled ! 



6! Cancelled ! 
13! Cancelled ! 
20! Cancelled ! 
27! Cancelled ! 



3! Cancelled ! 
10! Cancelled ! 
17! Cancelled ! 
24! Cancelled ! 



1Summer break
8Summer break
15Summer break
22Summer break
29Summer break



5Summer break
12Summer break
19Summer break
26Peer-review meeting



2! Cancelled !


” Experimental Treatment of SIV-Infected Macaques via Autograft of CCR5-Disrupted Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells”

16! Cancelled !
23Florian RUIZ


"Oxysterols and endothelial cells: a novel role in myeloid-derived supressor cells regulation during neuroinflammation?"


Yannick Muller


"Precision engineering of human regulatory T cells"




Laurent Perez


Antibodies and antigens discoveries for immunotherapy and vaccine design”


14Patricia Jacquier

BANGA Riddhima


“Lymph Node Migratory Dendritic Cells contribute to HIV persistence” 



Petrovas Konstantinos


“The immune system “under the scope”: seeing is believing”





4Alessandra NOTO
11Maddalena SUFFIOTTI
18Sylvain PERRIOT
25Olivia MUNOZ



9Maddalena PERRA
16Morgane HUMBEL
23Christmas break
30Christmas break


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