Pre-clinical HIV Vaccine development

Past project's Collaborator

Sven LETOURNEAU (to January 2014)

  1. Development of more effective vaccines adjuvants

    (Developing of new adjuvant for therapeutic vaccines projects)

    Preclinical models are very useful to screen and test adjuvant candidates. Our laboratory uses murine models to identify and develop promising vaccine adjuvant candidates enhancing the generation of the cellular immune response. The effect of new vaccine adjuvant candidates on the different population of T-cells and B cells are investigated.

  2. Assessment of specific B cell responses upon vaccination

    The induction of an antibody response capable of neutralizing HIV is a critical goal for therapeutic vaccines against HIV. However the generation of neutralizing antibodies following HIV infection or vaccination is challenging. Finding ways of improving the induction of high amount of HIV neutralizing antibodies is therefore important. The search for better T-cell and B cell immunogens as well as new adjuvants promoting the generation of neutralizing antibodies is needed. In our laboratory, we develop new approaches to enhance: the generation of B cells specific for HIV, the development of HIV neutralizing antibodies as well as T-cell responses. We develop assays to measure specific B cell that allow us to study the induction and maintenance of specific B cell responses flowing primary infection, after vaccination as well as in during memory phase.

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