Community Advisory Board - CAB

In 2007, the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center (VIC) was integrated to the HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN), Seattle, USA, which is one of the biggest HIV vaccine networks worldwide.

In addition to HVTN collaborations, the VIC founded in June 2007 a Community Advisory Board (CAB). The CAB consists of about ten voluntary members from various backgrounds.

The main goals of the CAB have been set as following :

  • The CAB will act as a spokesperson for the civil society, in order to open a dialogue with the scientific researchers working in the field of HIV/AIDS. Its goal is to identify the questions or misunderstandings that the population may have, in order to continuously improve the quality of information given by the researchers.
  • The CAB will inform the community on the different strategies and developments on HIV/AIDS vaccine research and on the clinical trials taking place at the VIC.
  • The CAB will participate in events linked with themes around HIV/AIDS.
  • The CAB will review and advise VIC staff on all the documents meant for future trial participants, in order to guarantee clarity and morality of the information given to participants.
Here is a short description of the CAB members:
WEBER Monique –

President of SID'Action Foundation

Monique focuses on prevention of HIV infection, as well as in sexual and reproductive health. She participated to preventive implementation measures against HIV, and in educator's training. Recently, one of these trainings was recognized by the Swiss universities in the field of sexual and reproductive health. She was also involved in coordinating sexual education, family planning and AIDS network. Monique is part of the Global CAB and chair of Lausanne CAB.

CAND Jean-Philippe –

Head of the Department of the Profa Foundation

As the head of the HIV-STI prevention center, Jean-Philippe supports the important need of communication between the AIDS community, the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center (VIC) in Lausanne, volunteers participating in clinical trials and HIV patients who will, hopefully, one day benefit from this research. The HIV-STI prevention center is deeply involved in implementing locally the Switzerland's national HIV-STI program 2011 to 2017, including medical prevention for which VIC participates in a research effort.

The competence center develops three HIV-STI prevention programs and promotes sexual health, based on a community health approach, for youth, migrants from high prevalence countries, men who have sex with men and transgender people.


Nurse of the anonymous AIDS consultation

“I have been working for ten years in the field of prevention (travel medicine, AIDS anonymous consultation and co-creator and mediator of AFRIMEDIA). On behalf of AFRIMEDIA, I participated to the implementation of prevention programs specific to migrants in sub-Saharian regions. As a CAB member, it is a privilege for me to be able to contribute to searching solutions as a bridge between the community and the research world in vaccinology. “

BÉGLÉ Ana Maria –

Sexual and reproductive health advisor and medical doctor

"I am part of the CAB because I love the contact with people. Our volunteers are people who have the most admirable motivations, but still, sometimes apprehensive questions or concerns due to a lack of information. Communication and ethic are at the heart of this process. This interface between science and humanity is essential because it is for them, for me and for all, a contribution to this research effort."


– Responsible for communication and collection program, Coalition PLUS

"Integrating the CAB is for me an opportunity to participate in concrete terms to the construction and/or strengthening bridges between professional and volunteers in the vaccine research field of HIV/AIDS."

Diego is currently responsible for communication and collection program of Coalition PLUS, an international entity of reference in the global fight against HIV/AIDS. Formerly, he was director of SID'Action Foundation, which offers an individualized psycho-social support for people living with HIV / AIDS at greatest risk, in order to promote empowerment and improve their quality of life. Since 2010, he also coordinates the Romande HIV / AIDS Coordination (Corom) under Swiss Aid against AIDS (SAA) mandate. The primary aim is to improve exchanges of experiences and information between HIV/AIDS network members while promoting synergies for the development of joint projects.

JOUINOT Florent –

Committee delegate of VoGay and Collaborator of Checkpoint Vaud

Florent is a member of the VoGay Committee (Vaud Association for sexual and gender diversity) and collaborator for Youth Projects.

On behalf of the canton of Vaud, Florent coordinates a service of hosting and listening, meetings and actions of the Youth Group and an allies’ network (information platform and support of prevention and health promotion projects).

VoGay collaborates with various organizations (Mosaïc-info, PREOS, Profa, Swiss Aid against AIDS, Swiss Sexual Health, cantonal and national LGBTIQ* organizations...) and government (Department of Health and Social Action / Public Health Service, Department of Youth Education and Culture) on issues related to sexual diversity, including sexual orientation and gender identity, particularly in the areas of health, youth, education and training.

Florent is collaborator of Checkpoint Vaud, community health center for gay men, other men who have sex with men, trans* people and partners linked to Profa Foundation. The mandates of Checkpoint cover sexual health, respectively, information, prevention, counseling, testing and HIV and other STIs treatment, which is being implemented as part of a comprehensive approach to health, taking into account the physical, mental and social well-being of people.

We thank our CAB members for their voluntary commitment.


AYA Anne-Marie Mian

- Assistant care and community health trainee at the CHUV

"I made the choice to participate in HIV vaccine trials in memory of my older brother who unfortunately died of this plague that does a lot of arm in the world and particularly in Africa."

BONNET Sandrine

– Head of SID’Action Foundation

“Being part of the CAB allows participation in the scientific effort led to find a vaccine against HIV. It is important to be able to represent civil society in order to bring an additional perspective.”

Sandrine Bonnet has worked for a decade at UNESCO for HIV prevention in the field of education, mainly in Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean. Since 2012, she is Director of SID’Action Foundation that supports and helps HIV positive people in the French speaking part of Switzerland.


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