How to get involved ?

We are looking for volunteers to participate in our trials and different research projects.

Why join a clinical trial?

Different reasons can incite people to participate in clinical trials. In general, healthy persons who volunteer in clinical trials wish to contribute to advances in research and, thus, help researchers to identify new treatments for people suffering from various diseases. Some trials include volunteers suffering from the disease for which treatment is sought. In this case, volunteers can receive treatments in development and additional care that may improve their quality of life. Clinical trials are essential to the development of new drugs and new therapies and bring hope for the treatment of diseases currently incurable.

Volunteers' recruitment

Are you interested in research ? Would you like to contribute to advances in clinical research and learn about the development of new vaccines ? Or else, are you simply curious about the organization of a clinical trial ?

If this is the case, you have good reasons to contact us and ask for information on our clinical studies. You might then decide to get involved in clinical research by becoming a volunteer !

Procedure to participate in one of our studies

Are you interested in participating in one of our studies?

Please contact us by phone (+41 21 314 1160 / +41 21 314 1155) or by email!

We will give you general information on the trial (product tested, objectives, length, risks involved, number of visits, inclusion criteria, compensation, etc). Then, depending on the type of study and its complexity, an information session is organized at the VIC during which the study will be explained in detail.

You will then have some time to think whether you wish to participate or not. If you do wish to participate, we will then set a screening visit/or entry visit. During this visit, you will take medical exams and routine analyses to assess whether you fit into the inclusion criteria and therefore can participate in our study.

You have the right to discontinue your participation in the study at any time,
without justifying your decision.

Contact us

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