Immune response to licensed vaccines

Status: Study completed
Number of volunteers: 50
​​​​​​​Number of visits: 5

Cellular immune responses to yellow fever vaccine virus: a comprehensive functional characterization of T-cell specific responses in vaccinees.

In the Framework of an HIV vaccine development, more knowledge on correlates of protection of current successful viral vaccines is needed.

Yellow fever immunization with vaccine strain YF-17D is a classic example of a safe and efficient live attenuated vaccine. A single dose induces a durable protection due to neutralizing antibodies and YF-specific T cell responses.

Antibody response to YF-17D virus has been well characterized and shown to be a major component of the effectiveness of the vaccine, however, cell-mediated immunity induced by 17D virus is still poorly understood. Only recently, microarray technology has been successfully used to study cellular responses to YF-17D virus, leading to the identification of genes implicated in different immune pathways.

This study’s purpose is to contribute in understanding better the complexity of the T-cell response induced by YF-17D immunization.

The recruitment for this study took place at the Travel Medicine Consultation from the Policlinique Médicale Universitaire (PMU) at Lausanne and consisted of healthy adult travelers in need of yellow fever vaccination for their trip to South American or African countries. Following this first visit, 4 follow-up visits are performed at the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center (VIC) in a length of 15 months.

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