Therapeutic experimental HIV vaccine trial

TheraVac 01

Status: Study completed
Number of volunteers: 10 HIV positive patients
Length of study: May 2006 – June 2007

The TheraVac study program for the “Evaluation of a new therapeutic vaccination strategy for HIV infection” is funded by the European Union and involves several research laboratories. The working hypothesis of this program is that a combination of a new and potent HIV vaccine with HAART should restore a protective immune control of HIV that would allow limiting drug toxicity by prolonging the time without antiretroviral therapy. The first step of this clinical program consisted of 2 single center phase 1 clinical trial with identical design to evaluate the safety of this new therapeutic strategy, that combines HAART with a new HIV recombinant poxvirus vaccine (NYVAC-B for TheraVac 01 performed at the CHUV and MVA-B for TheraVac 02 performed in the Netherlands).

TheraVac 01 took place at the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center (VIC) and enrolled 10 patients, infected by HIV-B, and treated successfully with HAART since at least 6 months.

The study was an open-label phase I study to evaluate the safety of the HIV-1 vaccineNYVAC-B.

TheraVac 02 took place in The Netherlands, at the Academic Medical Center of Amsterdam.

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