Gesnerus Vol. 74 (2017) · N° 2


Patrick Zylberman, Antoine Flahault
Introduction (S. 159–172)

Walter Bruchhausen, Iris Borowy
Development Aid and Solidarity Work: East and West German Health Cooperation with Low-Income Countries, 1945 to 1970 (S. 173–187)

María Eugenia Galiana-Sánchez
The Role of International Organisations in the Development of Public Health Nursing, 1933–1974 (S. 188–204)

James A. Gillespie
International Constructions of Social Security and Public Health: Policy Intersections 1920–1970 (S. 205–215)

Susan Gross Solomon, Lion Murard
Outside the Family of Nations: First Thoughts on Writing a History of Public Health from the Perspective of Outlier Nations (S. 216–228)

James L. A. Webb, Jr.
Battling Soil-Transmitted Intestinal Worm Disease: From the Hookworm Campaigns of the Rockefeller Foundation to Contemporary Mass Drug Administration (S. 229–239)

Giacomo Lorandi
Les dynamiques d’une célébrité transnationale: Théodore Tronchin et l’inoculation de l’Infant Ferdinand de Parme en 1764* (S. 240–267)

Vincent Barras, Hubert Steinke
Obituary (S. 268–269) 

Book Reviews  (S. 270–292)

Books Received  (S. 293–298)

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