Ralf J. Jox (2)

Assisted suicide in the hospital: experiences and attitudes of clinical staff of the university medical centers in Lausanne and Geneva

In cooperation with the Clinical Ethics Committee, CHUV (Prof. G.D. Borasio) and the Clinical Ethics Council, University Hospital of Geneva (Prof. B. Ricou, Prof. S. Hurst)


Switzerland has a legal regulation and societal practice of assisted suicide that is unique in the world. The French-speaking Swiss cantons of Geneva and Vaud (Lausanne) are among the few regions in Switzerland that have laws pertaining to the practice of assisted suicide in public hospitals, setting limits and posing criteria that regulate hospital staff involvement in this practice. In the context of an increasing demand for suicide assistance in hospitals and a soaring uncertainty within health care professions and the society, this project aims to elicit the experiences and attitudes of clinical staff in the two main university hospitals of Geneva and Lausanne on assisted suicide. An online questionnaire survey (adapted from a recent questionnaire of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences) is being administered to several thousand employees from various professions working at the bedside.

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