Felix Rietmann (1)

Raising a Well-Grown Child: Material and Media Cultures of Child Health in the Early Nineteenth Century

Université Fribourg

Historien de la médecine


During the 19th century children moved into the focus of a blossoming material and media culture. A growing market of parent advice literature offered information on topics ranging from nutrition to moral education. An increasingly broad range of toys and educational devices, such as baby walkers and writing helps, sought to assist and discipline the child during learning. The nascent specialty of pediatrics was deeply embedded and participated in this culture. Medical practitioners wrote advice, developed medical tinctures, and patented devices for healthy growth and upbringing. The project investigates how these new material, media, and medical cultures of childhood produced ideas and discourses about health and illness, and normal and pathological development. It explores how childhood was discovered as a subject for health care in the public sphere and inquires into the cultural and medical meanings that have thus become attached to it.

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