Joao Tavares

Hypothèse dopaminergique de la schizophrénie

Faculté des sciences sociales et humaines, Nouvelle université de Lisbonne 

Thèse en cours sous la direction de João Luis Lisboa, Faculté de philosophie, Nouvelle Université de Lisbonne & de Vincent Barras, IHM, CHUV-Unil


The underlying cause of schizophrenia could be an overacting dopaminergic fonction at the central nervous system. This hypothesis was first introduced in 1966 by the dutch pharmacologist Jacques van Rossum. Our research project aims to understand the conditions behind the conception of the dopamine hypothesis, the process that would place it in the center of psychiatric theory, as well as it’s role in complex social phenomena as the deinstitutionalisation. We seek to use this hypothesis as the starting point of a broader discussion about scientific construction in contemporary psychiatry.


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