The different technical platforms

The clinical immuno-monitoring platform (CyTOF mass cytometry, flow cytometry and Fluidigm) allows the comprehensive and in-depth analysis of patient samples. These technologies have different advantages that combine to provide the profiling necessary to support the development of new diagnostic tests and clinical trials, as well as transplant center activities and basic, clinical and translational research.

The advantages of flow cytometry include phenotypic and functional analysis of living cells for up to 18 parameters as well as diagnostic capabilities applicable to many types of diseases.

Mass cytometry is a technology that is applied for immune system monitoring allowing multi-parameter analysis of surface markers and signaling pathways. Multiplexing allows the profiling of the immune system response to different drug therapies and is a tool that could, in the future, open new avenues for the prognosis of treatment of various diseases.

Together, these analytical methods that make up the platform will allow in-depth profiling in the fields of immunology, hematology, phathology, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases or oncology.

Mass cytometry (CyTOF) The flow cytometry 

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