Instrument for identifying patients in need of general or specialised palliative care

What is ID-PALL?

ID-PALL is an instrument that has been developed to help you identify patients requiring general or specialised palliative care (PC) in all care settings. An initial validation has been conducted in internal medicine services.

Who assesses?

ID-PALL is a screening instrument that can be used by nurses and physicians.

When is it used?

ID-PALL should be completed within 48 hours of the patient's admission or if any significant changes in their condition occur.

How is it used?

A full set of instructions for use is provided with ID-PALL.

On "Acces ID-PALL" you will find:

  • ID-PALL in French, Italian, German and English
  • Instructions for use in French, Italian and English, German coming soon
  • Recommendations for general palliative care practice in French, Italian, German and English
  • Recommendations for general palliative care practice in short form in French, Italian and English, German coming soon

Conditions of use

ID-PALL may not be modified without the author’s consent.

For any translation of ID-PALL, a request for permission, including an explanation of the translation method, must be sent to the authors. Authorised translated versions will be made available on this web page.

ID-PALL registration 

Access ID-PALL

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