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The Institute of Microbiology (IMUL) of the University Hospital Center (CHUV) and of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine (FBM) of the University of Lausanne is an academic center with one-hundred collaborators. It is devoted to the laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases, to applied and basic research, and to teaching. The Institute is located on the CHUV campus (access map).

Laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases
The Institute provides microbiological diagnostics for hospitalized patients as well as for external patients. It serves as a reference center for several pathogens, is active in the development of new tests, and contributes importantly to professional teaching. The diagnostic activity, integrated into the Department of Laboratories of the CHUV, is recognized by Swissmedic (authorization 28411) and is accredited under ISO/CEI 17025 (STS328).

Academic activities
The Institute hosts several research groups, their main topics being lentivirus (HIV) host interactions, arenavirus cell entry, Epstein-Barr virus host interactions, molecular virology and pathogenesis of hepatitis C, mechanism of resistance to antifungals (Candida, Pneumocystis), association of intracellular bacteria to diseases, and human papillomavirus vaccine. The Institute participates also in pre and post graduate teaching to medical and biology students (see Teaching).

International collaborations
The Institute is an active partner or leader in projects funded by the WHO, the NIH and the European community (see Collaborations).

Latest News
Two new viral hepatitis speciality assays are now available: HEV quantitative RNA and IL28B polymorphism analysis for HCV-infected patients (see collaborations)
Dr. Alix Coste (see details), recipient of fellowship from the Novartis Foundation for medical-biological research (more)
Recent publications can be accessed under "Publications".

The Faculty of Biology and Medicine celebrates its 10th anniversary in Autumn 2013.

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