Lundin Family
Brain Tumour
Research Centre

Our priorities

Transformative brain tumour research

We aim to strengthen brain cancer research by providing financial support to research and clinical projects on brain tumours.

Training environment

We are committed to inspiring the next generation of clinicians and researchers and stimulating international collaborations through a post-graduate training program.

Open-access brain and spinal cord tumour database

We believe in providing the necessary research infrastructure and creating an open-access brain database for the advancement of brain tumour research.

Highlighted projects

Currently, we are dedicated to advancing two priority projects, shaping the future of treatment.
Learn more about these projects in translational research and the pioneering field of Flash radiotherapy. These exemplify the cutting-edge work undertaken at our centre.

Innovative combinations of targeted therapies

This approach uses models to gain a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms that induce the transformation from normal to cancer cells. This helps to identify potential targets that could be used to develop a treatment.

FLASH radiotherapy

Flash radiotherapy is a cutting-edge approach that delivers a high dose of radiation in a very short amount of time, typically less than 100 milliseconds.

Ongoing clinical trials

Clinical trials, the research studies that evaluate new treatments, give volunteers a chance to receive the most advanced treatment before it's available to the general public. It's an opportunity for our patients and ensures that future generations receive the most effective and safest treatment possible. Our physicians are internationally recognized experts in the development and management of such clinical trials.

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The next call for fellowships and research proposals will be announced here.


Lundin Projects

Support brain tumour research

The Lundin Family Brain Tumour Research Centre was created thanks to the generosity of Mr. Lukas Lundin and his family.

Philanthropic support plays a crucial role in advancing patient care and driving ground-breaking research. By supporting the Lundin Family Brain Tumour Research Centre, you directly contribute to the development of cutting-edge treatments and innovative clinical trials aimed at improving health outcomes for individuals afflicted by brain tumours. Your contribution paves the way for transformative discoveries and brings hope to those in need.

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