Technical details


The PERCE platform owns 4 spaces equipped with devices specially-tailored to training and teaching:

  • 1 waiting room (30m2) equipped with a wall-mounted computer flatscreen and a small kitchenette
  • 1 conference room (52m2) equipped with a large 75” tactile computer flatscreen and a camera for videoconferencing
  • 1 large operating theater (52m2)
  • 1 small operating theater (33m2).


The following equipment is available onsite:

  • tables for practical work
  • chairs
  • different instruments and devices specific to each surgical specialty.

The platform also offers a cleaning area for washing and sterilizing instruments, including an autoclave.

Complete range of equipment and instruments

The platform is equipped with many devices specifically designed for each surgical specialty: different training simulators, microscopes, respirators, scanner, instruments, etc.

The devices are designed for all requirements. They ensure a complete learning experience, preparing the user for the real procedure.

Should you have any specific requests, feel free to get in touch using our contact form.



 Last updated on 16/10/2023 at 09:33