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EASL / cours 10

Lausanne, 5-7 février 2015

Johan Auwerx
Special lecture: Mitochondria, metabolism and aging

Ralf Bartenschlager
Hepatitis C

Maria Teresa Catanese
What can electron microscopy do in 2015?

Marcus Dorner
New murine models for hepatitis viruses

Jan Felix Drexler
Identifying related viruses in new hosts

David Durantel
Immunity in hepatitis B

Jacques Fellay
Host genetics and bioinformatics

Luca Guidotti
In vivo imaging of intrahepatic T cells

David C. Hay
Stem cell-derived hepatocytes

Markus H. Heim
Innate immunity in heptitis C

Stanley M. Lemon
Hepatitis A and E

Massimo Levrero
Regulation of cccDNA

Beat Müllhaupt
The clinical challenge of viral hepatitis

Michael Nassal
Hepatitis B and D

Francesco Negro
HCV and metabolism

François Penin
Structural biology of hepatitis viruses

Robert Thimme
Adaptive immunity in heptitis B and C

Stephan Urban
HBV entry

Jessica Zucman-Rossi
Molecular pathogenesis of HCC

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