Center for Cardiac Magnetic Resonance

The Center for Cardiac Magnetic Resonance (in French – Le Centre de résonance magnétique cardiaque, CRMC ) is directed by Professor Juerg Schwitter.

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Cardiologists specialized in cardiac imaging and radiologists work together in order to offer the latest development in cardiac imaging. For this, the CMRC of the CHUV is the “Reference Center for Quality Assessment” for the European CMR registry (with ~40’000 patients from 59 centers of 18 countries).

The CRMC is affiliated to the services of cardiology and radiology.

The mission of the CRMC is to promote the early screening of coronary problems, without exposure to radiation. Magnetic resonance makes it possible to provide dynamic images of the heart in high resolution. It also makes it possible to accurately visualize the areas suffering from a lack of oxygen. Therefore, this is a unique and very powerful tool, that can be used for screening as well as for treatment.

The CRMC's mission is to provide top services in three different fields:

  • clinical services (within the CRMC)
  • research with the SwissCVIcorelab, multicenter studies and registries
    The SwissCVIcorelab provides a service for expert analyses of imaging material, primarily based on MR acquisitions in the field of cardiovalcular diseases.

    It also provides consulting in the planning of trials, particularly for drug development studies.
    Research activity
    Email SwissCVIcorelab

Since its implementation in May 2009, the Center’s activity has greatly exceeded expectations and its growth rate remains strong. The number of examinations already exceeds 1800 per year (for adults and children).

The CRMC works with 3 MR machines in the Service of radiology. It consists of: 

  • one head of center
  • 2 senior physicians in cardiology and radiology
  • 2 chief residents in cardiology
  • 2 visiting cardiologists
  • 1 hospital practitioner
  • 3 residents in cardiology and radiology. 

CMR Update

Prof. Juerg Schwitter led the writting of CMR Update, which is considered as a reference for everything related to this technology in Europe.


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Director CMR Center
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