Advanced data analysis

The Biomedical Data Science Center (BDSC) supports researchers by performing advanced data science analysis on multimodal biomedical data (clinical, text, image, multiomics). Our team is mainly specialized in clinical and translational data analysis (e.g. clinical trials, preclinical).

Our specialists offer you:

  • Automatic prediction/classification analysis for phenotyping and risk assessment, natural language processing, data anonymization, predictive biomarker discovery
  • Their extensive experience in immunological and single-cell data analysis (e.g. single-cell sequencing, RNA sequencing, CyTOF)
  • Support for genome-wide association studies (GWAS). With this analysis method, genetic variations in many individuals are correlated with phenotypic traits and allow nucleotide polymorphisms to be associated with major human diseases
  • Support to analyze DNA or RNA sequencing data, and more broadly any kind of omics data

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 Last updated on 28/08/2023 at 08:57