BDSC at a glance.

About us


Over the past 15 years, the world of biotechnology and information technology has undergone a rapid evolution. Today, digitization represents both a challenge and an opportunity for the medical world. The exponential increase in computing power coupled with the advancement of artificial intelligence and the massive amount of health data - electronic health records, multidimensional molecular biomarkers, genetic data, medical images, biosensor signals- will take medicine to a more precise and personal dimension.

In addition, the amount of data available in partnership with other institutes or in the public domain is rapidly growing in volume. This data could be leveraged to gain additional biological and clinical information to improve and personalize healthcare, diagnosis and therapeutic strategies for patients.

The implications linked to this change are immense. They are both technological and scientific (volume of data, ability to analyze and interpret them, etc.), but also ethical and societal (privacy protection, results reproducibility, data reusability, etc.). 

Who we are

The Biomedical Data Science Center (BDSC) was created in 2021 to meet the CHUV's commitment to play a leading role in the field of biomedical data science and to be at the forefront of digital innovation in health, both nationally and internationally.

It is directed by Professor Raphael Gottardo and includes 3 groups.

Our vision

Accelerating the organization and exploitation of biomedical big data to enable personalized medicine.


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