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Our expertise

By using advanced data science and artificial intelligence tools and techniques, the Biomedical Data Science Center (BDSC) provides expert advice, support and analysis in biomedical and clinical research. Its team includes specialists in the fields of mathematics, computer science and statistics applied to biology and medicine. It offers support for all conceptual, methodological, operational, and technical data science aspects.

Development of data science applications

Development of artificial intelligence based decision support tools, automatic extraction of variables from texts, automatic classification of texts and generation of synthetic data.


Data science consulting

Support for grant applications, specialized advice on the feasibility of a data science project and on data protection.


Advanced data analysis

Omics (e.g. RNA sequencing, genome-wide association, single-cell sequencing) and multimodal clinical data analysis support through artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.


Research collaboration

Peer-to-peer scientific collaboration or embedding of researchers from external laboratories within our team.


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