Center for Immunotherapy and Vaccinology

The Vaccine and Immunotherapy Centre (VIC) was created in 2001 by Professor Giuseppe Pantaleo, Head of the division of Immunology and Allergy of the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV).

The VIC is a clinical and laboratory research platform specialized in vaccinology, clinical research, immune-monitoring and translational immunology.

Over the years, the VIC has acquired expertise in the design, implementation and conduct of vaccine clinical trials, particularly in the fields of HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis C, and other infectious diseases and more recently, COVID-19. The VIC has developed the infrastructure and capacity to conduct predominantly phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trials, aimed at evaluating the tolerance of experimental vaccines by the volunteer participants and the immune response they induce.

Clinical research on human subjects must comply with a rigorousmethodology within a strict ethical framework.  Each study is submitted to and validated by the Cantonal Commission for Ethics in Human Research.

The VIC staff follow strict ethical standards, local legislation and internationally recognized Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Human Subject Protection (HSP) policies.

Clinical studies are divided into different phases and are conducted according to a study protocol established to ensure the safety of research participants and to answer specific scientific questions.


Immunology and Allergy Service
Center for Immunotherapy and Vaccinology (VIC)
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