Holidays and Dialysis in Lausanne

Every year, the Dialysis Centre at CHUV (Lausanne University Hospital) welcomes patients who want to spend their holidays in Switzerland but also need haemodialysis.

Just use the online contact form (below) to organise your treatment with us.

First, we need to know your arrival and departure dates so that we can plan your appointments.

Once your dates have been approved, we will need you to email us a copy of:

  • Your passport or identity card
  • Your health card (health insurance card, Carte Vitale, etc.)

Please ask your current dialysis centre to send us:

  • Your medical records (including details of your diagnosis and current treatment)
  • Your dialysis prescription
  • Information about your last three dialysis sessions (prior to your arrival)
  • Your laboratory results from within the last three months
  • Your blood tests (HIV, hepatitis B/C) from within the last three months
  • Swab test results for MRSA/ESBL/VRE from within the last three months.

These documents will be examined by our lead nephrologist, who will confirm whether you can be treated at the centre.

An agreement is in place with insurance providers in all European countries.

For other countries (outside the European Union), you must come into reception at the hospital (the day before your dialysis appointment) to formalise your paperwork; you will be asked for a deposit, based on the number of sessions you require. A credit card is generally sufficient.

Please remember to inform your own insurance provider that you intend to travel in spite of your illness, as you are entitled to do.



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