Under- and postgraduate courses

Undergraduate courses

The undergraduate courses make use of ex-vivo animal models, or synthetic models, or anatomical models created in patient simulators. The platform is designed for students of Lausanne university’s biology and medical school as a place for them to experience the reality and complexity of surgical intervention while being able to learn the techniques safely.

The platform takes care of all logistical and technical details, even offering audio-visual capabilities. It even helps with the preparation of teaching materials to optimize didactic quality. For example, the platform itself can select the most appropriate ex-vivo model according to the course’s fixed objectives.

Finally, this platform offers a safe, calm space to share ideas, as much for the students as the teachers themselves.

Postgraduate courses

This platform is designed to improve the quality of surgical training through the use of ex-vivo animal models or synthetic models built in patient simulators, for all different specialties of the Lausanne university hospital center (CHUV).

The simulator training courses complement the mentorship training method as they offer an interactive simulation of real-world experiences. Using models means every step of the surgery can be simulated, from the first incision to closing, thanks to how accurately they reproduce the human body’s characteristics. The platform is equipped with the best, most versatile models currently on the market. They are even adaptable to suit the needs of each course.

In this way, the platform offers training surgeons the ability to gain the confidence and expertise they need to operate independently.

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