Information for Research Participants

The SBML is currently looking for patients with knee osteoarthritis for a study about walking mechanics.

Interested to participate? Please, call our administrative assistant for study details: +41 21 314 9791.

Instructions for gait test participant

Thank you for agreeing to participate in our gait studies.

In order for the examination to run smoothly, it is very important that you come with the shoes indicated in your convocation letter. Furthermore, to record the movement, various kind of miniature sensors will be attached to your skin using double sided tape. It is therefore necessary to wear short clothes during the test.

We recommend that participant come with:

We also recommend participant to avoid exercising during the 24 hours preceding the gait tests or applying lotion on their skin the day of the test.

The gait lab is located on the third floor of the “Hôpital Nestlé” building (Av. Pierre-Decker 5, CH-1011 Lausanne). To reach the lab, enter the building by the main door in front of the “Hôpital Orthopédique”, take the stairs or the elevator to the third floor (you only need to go up by one floor; the entrance door is on the second floor). Once on the third floor, the gait lab will be the first door (room 3025) in front of you with a sign “Laboratoire de marche” on it. If the door is closed, please knock on it and enter in the room.

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