Hemostasis & Platelet Research Laboratory

The Hemostasis & Platelet Research Laboratory at CHUV, led by Professor Lorenzo Alberio, focuses on PLATELETS (procoagulant COAT platelets, heparin-induced thrombocytopenia) and COAGULATION (thrombin generation, fibrin clot formation).

A major research interest is the understanding of the interplay between platelet activation and coagulation, and its clinical relevance.

Current key projects involve: (i) Investigation of the signaling pathways underlying the formation of COAT platelets; (ii) The use of global coagulation assays in bleeding and thrombotic disorders, and their utility in predictive models for thromboembolic complications.

The group collaborates extensively with clinical and research units to advance diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for disorders with hemostatic complications.

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Lorenzo Alberio

Pr Lorenzo Alberio

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